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Growth Process

The raw material for the gemstones is a big mono-crystal of Silicon Carbide manufactured in Europe.
Silicon Carbide is a synthetic mineral with properties very close to diamond. Almost as hard (Mohs hardness 9.2-9.3 vs. 10) and actually even more optically refracting than diamond (refractive index 2.56-2.6 vs. 2.4).
The final brilliance of a polished gemstone basically depends on two things; the refractive strength of the crystal and the clarity. Stronger refraction makes more of the light that enters a cut stone to be reflected back out. And the clarity is required not to lose or tint any of the light that bounces back through the stone.
The clarity of the crystal is a reflection of its purity. The mineral used for our gemstones is produced in a patented growth process where the crystal is synthesized directly from ultrapure gasses at very high temperature. The crystal comes out much cleaner and clearer, than from other producers like Charles and Colvard's created Moissanite, that use solid source material.
Imperfections in the crystal lattice can also scatter or tint the light passing through the crystal. In production the crystal grows from a role-model seed crystal. Or crystals grow from in-house produced very high quality seed-crystals and we have many years experience in how to maintain the crystalline perfection when we grow the material.