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Dazzelite Solitaire-World's Whitest Moissanite:

Dazzelite solitaire is the world's whitest Moissanite-a Silica Carbide jewel,with its own unique properties and beauty. Unlike imitation diamonds like
Zircon/American Diamonds or Swarovski(glass), it is a naturally occurring gemstone, now successfully produced in laboratories. It is so astonishingly similar
to a diamond solitaire in terms of the 4Cs-Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat weight, as well as in hardness, that even a jeweller cannot tell the difference
without sophisticated lab testing. Also, just like a diamond, it's your's for life-no fading,abrasion, chipping or damage. Owing to a unique, patented manufacturing
process, Dazzelite is the only Moissanite Solitaire in the G-H colour scale. And the best part is, it costs almost 10 times lesser than an equivalent diamond!