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Dazzelite: A Fascinating History

50,000 : The number of years ago that this Silica Carbide jewel, with all its gem-like brilliance, crashed into our planet in a meteor.
Arizona was the place where this celestial rock slammed into the ground, leaving a mile-wide crater scattered with fragments that contained trace elements of this gem.
1893 : The year that the stone was finally discovered by a French scientist, Dr. Henri Moissan.
He was investigating meteor fragments from the crash site in Arizona, and he found traces of this brilliant gem. At first, he mistakenly believed it
was diamond. It was only several years later, upon testing, that he found that this gem was not diamond and had the chemical composition of Silicon Carbide (SiC)
1905 : The year in which the gemstone was given the name 'Moissanite', in honor of its discoverer and Nobel prize winner Dr Henri Moissan.
However, there was no talk yet of this mineral revolutionizing the jewelry industry. The meteor crash-site did not even have enough moissanite for a single pair of earrings!
1995 : It was suggested for the first time that Silica Carbide, with its diamond-like properties, could revolutionize the jewellery industry.
2013 : Dazzelite solitaires perfected the technology of producing a high quality Silica Carbide Jewel manufactured in Europe, that is comparable to the finest diamond in the market in terms of its cut, color, and brilliance.
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